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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110
Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110


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Duracell hearing aid batteries have superb lifespans and excellent power delivery to provide the ultimate performance from your hearing aid. The Duracell EasyTab system makes inserting and changing batteries much easier - so much so that the Arthritis Foundation gives them an ease of use commendation . Duracell EasyTab hearing aid batteries are colour-coded in yellow, orange, brown and blue, making it much easier to find the size you need.

Duracell hearing aid batteries come from one of the world's most popular battery brands. Duracell is a global leader at providing digital hearing aids with a reliable source of power. Duracell hearing aid batteries are a brand of choice with a grand reputation for delivering consistent and reliable battery power.

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries From 3.49€.
At Hearing Direct, you will find an essential set of Duracell hearing aid batteries. With all the key sizes of battery available, our range offers cells compatible with behind-the-ear hearing aids, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, as well as many other device types. Shop online today for:

Size 10 hearing aid batteries
Hearing aid batteries size 13
Hearing aid batteries 312
Size 675 hearing aid batteries
The battery packs we provide range from 6-60 cells. Larger pack sizes are discounted and will help you save money in the long-run. Duracell batteries have an excellent shelf-life.

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