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Widex Instant Round Dome Two Vent

Widex Instant Round Domes (Two vent) come in a pack of 10. Choose between small, medium and large...
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Widex Instant Tulip Ear-Tip for Elan/Micro Pack of 10

Widex Instant Tulip Ear-Tip Pack of 10 compliments the Widex Hearing Aid range.  What is it? ...
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Widex Micro Tubes

The Widex Micro Tubes are compatible with a wide range of behind-the-ear Widex hearing aids, spec...
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Widex Nanocare Wax Guards

The Widex Nanocare wax guards prevent the wax from entering the hearing instrument & are valu...
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Widex RC-DEX remote control

If you are looking for a discreet remote control that will enable you to adjust your Widex hearin...
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