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Invisible hearing aids help those worried about hearing aids being too visible, allowing the wearer to feel more comfortable about needing a hearing device. Our hearing aids are so small and lightweight, you will forget you are wearing one!

The improvement in the quality of life that invisible hearing aids can provide is priceless and our digital hearing aids are affordable. Our expert range starts with the HD 91 which is available for 119.00€.

We offer a reliable collection of discreet devices designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, from ITE (in the ear) to BTE (behind the ear) aids and at Hearing Direct, we are committed to your hearing needs.

Which Invisible Hearing Aid Is Right For Me?
If you need further advice and guidance on digital hearing aids, look no further.
Our simple hearing aid comparison chart lets you view a summary of all the hearing aids we supply. You can review type, cost, and features, as well as battery power performance. You'll find all of the knowledge you need to find the device that will best suit your hearing needs.

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We are one of the world's leading specialists on all things hearing. At Hearing Direct, you will find a wide range of amplified devices and hearing instruments. Our core focus is always on improving the quality of life for the hard of hearing. If you have any questions regarding any of our behind the ear hearing aids or need advice from our expert audiologist then please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to help.

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