Neckloop for hearing aids


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Geemarc CL8 Hook
What Is It? Dual ear hooks Hands free kit for users wearing hearing aids equipped with Telecoil ...
Geemarc Clearsound iLoop Plus
A helpful accessory for wearers of T-coil equipped hearing aids. It transforms the sound emitted ...
Geemarc LoopHear LH20 Induction Loop Duo Set
The Geemarc LH20 Loop Listener Duo Set is a personal sound amplifier that allows those with mild ...
Geemarc CL7 Hook
Single ear hook for plugging into entertainment devices (MP3 players/ipods/PCs/laptops) to allow ...
Geemarc CL5 Hook
Hands free T-Coil adaptor with single ear hook and ear piece and built in microphone. Receive and...
Geemarc CL1 Hook
Hands free telecoil adaptor with single ear hook and built in microphone. For hands-free telephon...
Geemarc CL9 Hook
What Is It? Single ear hook Hands free kit for users wearing a hearing aid equipped with a Telec...

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Neckloops are great little devices that provide amplified inductive output for use with T Coil hearing aids and other devices. Using bluetooth wireless technology or a wired cord these can be enabled to work with a number of devices from hearing aids, mobile phones and even GPS units. Other common applications include MP3 players, computers and audio systems. Our range includes a wired option by Geemarc that you simply connect directly, or a bluetooth wireless option by Amplicomms that you will need to pair with your device (en extremely straightforward process).

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