Starkey hearing aid accessories

Starkey Power Dome

What Is It? Single dome Available in 3 sizes: small (8-10mm), medium (10-12mm) and large (12-...
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Starkey replacement desiccant pucks - pack of 6

Pack of 6 desiccant pucks / tablets, individually wrapped. Used in Starkey Chargers that use desi...
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Starkey RIC Snapfit Receiver 60dB

What Is It? Single Snapfit Receiver tube 60dB power level Available in 5 different lengths (1 = ...

Starkey RIC Standard Receiver 50dB

What Is It? Single Standard Receiver tube - 50dB power level Available in 5 different lengths (1...

Starkey Sports Lock for Snaptip Receiver

What Is It? 2 sports locks Attaches to Snapfit receiver tubing of Starkey RIC hearing aids Helps...
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Founded in 1967 Starkey is renowned as one of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers. Starkey is committed to delivering advanced hearing solutions across the world. Rest assured that you are purchasing original branded accessories when you shop with us. Hearing Aid accessories include domes, tubings, wax guards and receiver wires; as well as a number of wireless assistive listening devices that connect directly to Starkey hearing aids. It’s important to get the right product and correct size and style for your specific Starkey hearing aid. Starkey supplies a wide range of accessories, that varies product to product. If you are unsure of which item to purchase for your hearing aid or dont see what you need here, please contact our expert team.

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