Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Amplified Smartphone


The PowerTel M9500 is a stylish, Bluetooth, Smart Phone with a large LCD colour display and eight-mega pixel camera. It’s also extra loud, with a handset volume of up to 40dB and a ring tone of up to 90dB. If required, you can switch seamlessly between the standard android operating system to the new Amplicomms user interface, designed specifically for the elderly.

By using the Amplicomms interface, functionality is simplified, making it far less confusing to the user. A large display screen makes all-important contacts easily accessible. By touching the screen and holding your finger there for a couple of second, you can access your emails, Whatsapp messages and texts all from the one place. This simple navigation tool reduces the chance of making an accidental call or altering the settings in error. If you’d rather not use this function, it’s easy to switch back to an ordinary configuration via the settings profile. For additional security, the emergency button will pin point the location of the user and can allow relatives to control the phone remotely if required.

Amplicomms is a leading manufacturer in specialist telecommunications equipment for the hard of hearing, visually impaired and the elderly. The PowerTel M9500 is an excellent example of how such innovative products can have a positive impact on daily life by keeping people connected.


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