Amplicomms TV 210-NL NeckLoop Wireless TV Listener

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.

The Amplicomms TV210-NL is an intuitive amplified hearing system otherwise known as a wireless neckloop.

Not only does it generate a superior, interference free sound transmission, it can also block unwanted background noise when using CI receivers or hearing aids that are telecoil compatible. If you find following your favourite TV program more and more difficult, or you simply want to capture the best possible sound at a volume level that suits you, the TV 210-NL could be a great solution.

Supplied with a HiFi stereo headset, it's comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time, is easy to adjust and has no wires to trip over.

Key features:

  • Superior comfort for long term use
  • Sensitive built-in microphone enables hearing surrounding close proximity area (personal on/off activation from the receiver).
  • Mute sound source when surrounding Microphone is activated
  • Easy to use adjustable volume control
  • 3.5 mm output in the receiver for optional connection of Stereo Earphones/Head Phones for Stereo listening through the receiver.
  • Adjustable Tone Control for optimizing sound quality
  • Balance adjustment
  • Completely wireless in-room solution, easy plug and play connection
  • 2.3 / 2.8 MHz secured and powerful Infra-Red transmission
  • Unique connection for secured opening/closing of the neck loop making it easier to wear and remove
  • TRechargeable built-in receiver battery with up to 9 hours of continuous use when fully charged
  • Transmitter with Dual Charging pod allows simultaneous charging of a second receiver, either a steto-set or a neck loop (additional receivers sold separately)

Technical specifications:

  • Transmission: Infrared
  • Modulation: FM
  • Frequency: 2.3 / 2.8 MHz
  • Range: up to 7m
  • Power supply (transmitter): 12 VDC, 1 A power pack
  • Power supply (receiver): Lithium polymer rechargeable battery, 3.7 V, 350 mAh
  • Operating time: Up to 9 hours for fully charged battery
  • Charging time: 2 hours if the battery is empty
  • Dimensions (Headset): 65 x 23 x 75 mm - approx. 74 g
  • Dimensions (cradle): 106 x 83 x 44 mm - approx. 120 g


  • 1 x HiFi stereo headset with built-in battery
  • 1 x Charging cradle/transmitter
  • 1 x Audio cable (with a 3.5 mm stereo plug at both ends)
  • 1 x Adapter plug 3.5 / 6.3 mm
  • 1 x RCA audio cable adapter
  • 1 x Power pack
  • 1 x Instructions manual

Amplicomms is renowned for creating specialist listening devices for the elderly and those with hearing or visual impairment. Supported by the parent company Audioline, an established German telecommunications manufacturer, Amplicomms remains committed to producing innovative, practical products at affordable prices.


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