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Conversor Pro Plus Elite Listening System

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The Conversor Pro Plus is a combination of the Conversor Pro high fidelity personal listening system and the Conversor TV Pro transmitter. As for the Conversor Pro, it can be used alongside hearing aids or in place of them; significantly improving hearing in background noise. In addition to the Conversor Pro, the Plus version comes with the TV transmitter included in the price offering a complete system at great value for money.

How does it work?

The Conversor Pro Plus comes in three parts, a remote microphone used to pick up sound connecting wirelessly to the amplifying second unit which can be listened to though headphones or, using a neckloop, can connect to your hearing aids via the telecoil setting. The third item is the TV transmitter which is connected directly to the TV (and can be left in place even when the other two items are being used elsewhere). When active, the TV transmitter sends the TV audio signal to the receiver which can then be used as described in terms of volume and headphone options etc. Whether using the microphone or the TV transmistter, the receiving unit offers a volume control and can sit on a table or hang around the neck when connected to your hearing aids or when using headphones. For a fuller demonstration of the significant benefits the Conversor Pro Plus has to offer and a video demonstration of how it works in its different combinations, please take the time to watch the video below:

Key Features

Zoom Setting

Controls the sound source you want to focus on from the multiple sound sources that are being picked by the sensitive microphone.

Omni-Directional Setting

When you want to monitor several different sound sources in close proximity to each other e.g. at a dinner party table or business meeting the this feature/setting is ideal.

Background Noise Reduction

Not only does the Conversor Pro Plus offer the speech focus options above, it also has a very strong background noise eliminator which helps remove extraneous sound sources that may not be of interest such as speech 'babble' from other conversations in the room.

Wireless Portability

With the wireless microphone placed close to any sound source, you can listen from distance, making it ideal for meetings, conferences, social events and restaurant settings.

Multiple receivers can access the same sound source

Receivers all with their own personal volume and zoom settings can be tuned to the same transmitter - this applies to the microphone or the TV transmitter.


  • Wireless microphone/transmitter
  • Conversor Pro pendant receiver
  • TV Pro transmitter
  • Two power supply units
  • Adjustable microphone/transmitter neck loop
  • Audio cable
  • TV cable
  • Convenient pocket carry pouch
  • User's manual

Conversor Pro