CPR Call Blocker CS600 Big Button Mobile Phone


The CS600 Call Blocker Mobile Phone by CPR is a device that guards against nuisance calls and can raise the alarm in an emergency. As we get older, it’s important our safety and wellbeing is protected so we can continue to enjoy independent living for as long as possible. The CS600 has a Call Blocking facility that allows you to Black List nuisance callers at a touch of a button. There is also a White List function that only allows pre-approved numbers to be put through, protecting the most vulnerable from unsolicited calls. The CS600 also provides an Intelligent SOS Emergency button, which automatically triggers an SMS message to be sent to your emergency contacts. It then calls each in sequence until a response is received. The large colour screen can display the photo of your contact, making it quick and easy to identify the caller, especially if you’re visually impaired.

CPR is a world-leading manufacturer in stand-alone call blocking technology. They provide a wide range of innovative products designed to block nuisance or scam calls. Their aim is to stop telephone fraudsters in their tracks, turning the phone back into a mode of communication that can be relied on.

Key features:

  • Block up to 100 unwanted callers
  • Emergency SOS button: Sends SMS message to primary contact and calls until answered
  • Ability to whitelist numbers: Program in the numbers you want to call
  • Full colour screen & Photo contacts
  • Camera
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth


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