Crescendo 60/1 Personal Amplifier


For those who don't wear a hearing aid but live with some form of hearing loss, you can stay connected with the Crescendo 60/1; a battery powered listening system from Sarabec. Designed to replace the ever-popular Crescendo 50, this latest device is packed full of technology to ensure you maximise your listening experience. Whether you want to follow your favourite program on TV, listen to the radio or hold a conversation with a friend, the Crescendo 60/1 makes it possible. It's lightweight and pocket sized, so easy to carry around. With extra loud amplification and tone control, you can adjust the settings according to your hearing needs. The built-in conductive coil enables you to connect to a loop system similar to a telecoil setting on a hearing aid. In public places such as theatres and conference facilities that operate a loop system, the Crescendo 60/1 generates excellent sound quality regardless of where you are in the room. This is a versatile product, with a number of additional accessories that have been designed to work alongside it such as a neckloop or a pair of headphones.

Sarabec is a British manufacturer intent on enhancing the lives of those living with hearing loss. With over 35 years of experience, their wide range of assistive hearing technology ensures you stay connected to the world around you.


  • White / Grey colour scheme
  • Increased gain and loudness
  • Increased tone control range
  • Automatic gain control
  • No internal mic, comes with plug-in, 1.2m lead mic & 3m extension lead.
  • Low battery indication
  • Modern sleek design and pocket size
  • Easy-to-use versatile system for personal listening in any situation. Conversation and TV listening.
  • Rotary volume and tone control giving immediate visual aspect of control settings.
  • No external switches
  • Control icons printed onto the plastic
  • 2x AA Alkaline batteries. Own rechargeable batteries can be used
  • Belt clip, strong but simple and easy to remove.
  • Lanyard/Neck cord (incorporating safety break)

Internal Switch Settings:

  • M - Microphone setting, this position is used when using either a plug-in or microphone with lead.
  • A - AUX setting, this setting should be used when connecting to a television or any other sound source using a direct connection lead.
  • T - Loop pick up setting, to be used when listening to a loop system, or testing to an existing loop system. Similar to a hearing aid on “T” or loop settings.

Technical Information:

  • Size: L 95mm x W 62mm x H 25mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight without batteries: 70g
  • Weight with batteries: 118g
  • Batteries: 2x 1.5v AA,LR06 Alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life: 80 hours with 32Ω headset with signal under normal listening conditions.
  • Power Consumption: 10mA with 32 ohm headphones with no signal
  • Controls: 44mm Rotary Volume Control, 30mm Rotary Tone Control
  • Internal Controls: 3 Position switch inside battery compartment.
  • Frequency Response: 200 Hz - 10 kHz +/- 3dB
  • Maximum Gain: 60dB
  • Tone Control: 16dB (+/- 8dB) at 5kHz
  • 20dB (+/- 10db) at 100Hz
  • Maximum audio signal output:>125dB with 307-105 headphones.
  • Maximum output OSPL 90: 128dB (line input)


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