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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110

earHD360 Music by Flare Audio

Original price €34.99 - Original price €34.99
Original price
€34.99 - €34.99
Current price €34.99
Colour: Black

earHD 360 Music is a small device worn in the ear to increase sound quality from any direction. 

What does earHD 360 do?

  • Features a unique technology that reduces audio distortion and enhances audio experiences
  • Accurately guides sound into the ear
  • Upgrades your listening experience

Increases sound quality while…

  • Listening to headphones
  • Listening to a car stereo
  • Listening to home HiFi
  • At concerts
  • Anywhere you'd like better sound


  • Always sold as a pair
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to fit
  • Standard: Length: 11.7mm, Width: 12.6mm 
  • Injection moulded ABS or Polycarbonate for a high gloss black or clear finish
  • Includes a mesh pouch for storing, and an instruction guide
  • Patent pending technology

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