Geemarc LoopHear LH20 Induction Loop Duo Set


The Geemarc LH20 Loop Listener Duo Set is a personal sound amplifier that allows those with mild to moderate hearing loss link up to hearing loops found in many public places. It comes here as a twin set but is also available with just one headset.

This device offers a viable alternative to wearing hearing aids as it picks up speech and music from a variety of sources, using the latest Bluetooth technology. The Geemarc LH20 can be particularly useful in public places such as theatres, conference centres and crowded football stadiums but can also be used to stream TV and your favourite tunes. It can also work in conjunction with telecoil compatible hearing aids.

Designed as a lightweight, binaural headset, you'll barely notice you're wearing the Geemarc LH20. It sits comfortably under the chin and offers an adjustable volume of up to 30dB and tone control of up to 10dB. With an ultra sensitive microphone and balance control, you can benefit from significant, high quality amplification. You can switch easily between room noise amplification and magnetic field loop detection to fit with your environment. With 10 hours of continuous use and just 2/3 hours to re-charge the batteries, this hearing Loop Listener offers flexibility and amplification in difficult listening situations. As for the cost - given the technical make-up of this device, it's an absolute bargain!


  • Ultra light binaural headset amplified hearing assistant
  • Comfortable, lightweight, under-the-chin style headset
  • Volume control adjustment up to 30dB with on/off button
  • Tone control : +/- 10dB
  • Super sensitive microphone
  • Left/right balance control
  • Switch for selection between room noise amplification (MIC mode) and room magnetic field loop detection (T mode)


Technical specifications:

  • Max accoustic output : 120dBspl
  • Frequency range : 100 to 8000Hz
  • Built in rechargeable LiPo batteries included
  • In use time 10 hours
  • Charging time : 2/3 hours
  • Telecoil sensitivity -50dBv, 1Khz, 100mA/m
  • Weight : round 60g
  • Includes AC/DC 5.5mm jack power adaptor (5Vdc -500mA) and 1 pair of alternative ear pads


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