GN ReSound Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 Pack of 60

20,99€ 26,90€

Make a huge saving with a multi pack of 60 size 13 hearing aid batteries from ReSound. Buying in bulk not only represents excellent value for money, it takes away the worry of having to make repeat orders. ReSound is a leading global provider of innovative, affordable, hearing solutions, including hearing aid batteries. With a shelf life of more than three years, you can stock up on your power supply knowing you can count on a reliable performance and long battery life.

As hearing aid batteries often look very similar, all size 13 ReSound batteries are packaged in orange, with an orange tab attached to each. Before installing, remove the tab from the back of the battery and let it rest for a couple of minutes.

What is it?

  • Mercury free, Zinc-Air Size 13 hearing aid batteries
  • 10 packs of 6 cells in each pack
  • Orange colour coded (colour of the removable tab)

What does it do?

  • Long running time
  • Consistent performance

Compatible with:

  • All hearing aids using size 13 batteries


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