Oticon Minifit Receiver wire - 85dB

€55.99 each |

Package contains one receiver wire

Suitable for: any ‘Inium’ and ‘OPN‘ range of receiver-in-canal hearing aids. Examples of model names include Alta, Alta Pro, Nera, Nera Pro, Ria, Ria Pro and OPN receiver-in-ear models.

To work out what to order:

Right sided wires are red at the end. Left sided wires are blue at the end. The power level indicating 85dB is printed on one side as ‘85’. On the other side there will be a single number between 0-5. This is the length you need. If you see a '60' then you will need the Oticon Minifit Receiver Wire - 60dB

Unopened packs may be returned for exchange or refund if you have ordered the incorrect size or power level. This item is not refundable or exchangeable if opened/unsealed.

If your Oticon hearing aid was launched pre-2013 you may need the older style receiver wire. Although the wires look very similar where they plug into the hearing aid they are not interchangeable.

Please do contact us before purchase if you are unsure of which size or power level to order; as we do not accept opened accessories for refund. 

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