ReSound Alera 4

ReSound Alera 4

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.
Most hearing aid manufacturers launch a new chip with their latest top-of-the-range products, and then gradually de-feature the algorithm set to create perhaps more affordable price bands for the same physical models.

Alera 4 is the budget level of the Alera platform, but it is interesting to note that ReSound have kept elements of all their main categories of features, within the: Surround Sound by ReSound, speech understanding, protection, flexible fitting and wireless concepts. Although these are fairly reduced in sophistication, the Alera 4 wearer is still benefiting from some well-proven sound processing features including:

  • Adaptive directionality with directional mix adjustment in models with two microphones
  • WARP Compression - ReSound‚Äôs patented way of offering amplification to digital sound (although downgraded to 7 channels compared to the Alera 9‚Äôs 17)
  • DFS - Digital Feedback Suppression - ReSound‚Äôs legacy of combating hearing aid whistling problems
  • PhoneNow - for those who need improved hearing while on the telephone
Some of the Alera 4 models also have 2.4Ghz wireless technology. The connectivity offered however is much more limited than the Alera 9, 7 or 5 ranges. With the relevant models only connection to the ReSound Unite Remote Control is possible (and the fitting software for the hearing healthcare professional performing the fitting set-up)

If wireless connectivity is a principle requirement, then it would be worth considering a more advanced ReSound Alera platform, but for sound processing capability, good value for money.


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