ReSound Alera 5

ReSound Alera 5

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.
When the ReSound Alera 5 is put side-by-side against the higher price-points it does look like many of the sound processing features have been sacrificed to enable this more affordable option. However, if you are looking for:

  • Help within noisy environments: There is adaptive directionality on those models with two microphones, which will work in conjunction with the NoiseTracker system that is still activated.
  • No embarrassing whistling: ‚ÄòDFS Ultra‚Äô is included, and can be calibrated to your specific fitting by your hearing healthcare professional
  • Help on the phone: PhoneNow is available. This feature is activated through a small magnet that is affixed to the phone receiver. When the phone with the magnet is brought next to the hearing instrument, PhoneNow will cause the hearing instrument to switch to the telephone program, which can be tailored to your phone-listening needs by your hearing healthcare professional
In addition to the amplification benefits, the wireless connection options are quite surprising in a so-called budget range. The ReSound Alera 5 wireless models can connect to all 4 of the ReSound Unite wireless accessories. Wearers can choose between, or have all of, the following options:

  • ReSound Unite Remote Control: Control amplification and programme changes without having to touch your hearing aids.
  • ReSound Unite PhoneClip: This works as a dedicated handsfree headset for any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The only difference is that the hearing impaired are specifically catered for when using their own mobiles!
  • ReSound Unite TV: This enables the hearing aid to receive sound information directly from a small device connected to their TV. Personalised amplification without having to use anything else.
  • ReSound Unite Mini-Microphone: A clever and discreet clip on microphone that helps you hear speech clearly, particularly useful for those who need to hear one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations. It can also work as a portable audio streamer for an iPod or laptop, or even for TV watching when you‚Äôre away from home - just place it in front of the speakers of the TV to stream directly to your ears.
ReSound Alera 5 is available in all models that are used for the higher featured (and priced) Alera 7 and Alera 9 ranges. There are tiny receiver-in-the-ear options, the more standard behind-the-ear or custom in-the-ear models, or the unique ReSound remote microphone options. These remote microphone products can be made with different battery sizes, and can be wireless or non-wireless.


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