ReSound Alera 7

ReSound Alera 7

ReSound is the first and only manufacturer to base their amplification strategy on an accurate model of cochlear frequency analysis. They call this strategy Warp Processing, and this forms the core for other sound treatment in their hearing aids. In Alera 9 - the flagship range of the Alera platform, 17 channels are used to enable the Warp processor to mimic the functionality of the cochlea. Usually manufacturers downgrade the number of frequency channels in any range below their best; but ReSound have not done this with Alera 7. The consumer benefits from practically the full Surround Sound by ReSound feature. Full fine-tuning is therefore available, particularly of interest to those who have a shape of hearing loss not quite fitting to the usual age-related high frequency tail-off.

If outdoor living is important, the Alera 7 also has elements of the ‘Windguard’ feature - not quite as powerful as in Alera 9, but good enough perhaps for a round of golf!

Full connection to all the ReSound Unite wireless accessories is available.

No two people have the same type of hearing loss, the same lifestyle or the same tastes. ReSound Alera 7 offers a range of different styles so you can choose the instrument that’s exactly right for you. The range includes receiver-in-the-ear options, in-the-ear models (including remote microphone in-the-ear models) as well as standard BTE models.

One of these behind-the-ear models may be of particular interest to those with moderate to severe hearing loss. This is known as the ‘Fusion BTE’. It is a unique standard BTE hearing aid that can be adapted to changing amplification needs: Your hearing care professional can convert it to a Power hearing aid when required! It’s therefore a particularly good option if your hearing loss is on the border between moderate and severe. You won’t have to worry about replacing it if your hearing grows worse.


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