ReSound Alera 9

ReSound Alera 9

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The introduction of the Alera series marked a step change for ReSound devices. A brand new chip set, the ‘ReSound Range II’ was developed to allow a whole host of new sound processing features as well as the use of 2.4 GHz wireless technology. This proprietory wireless technology enables the transmission of a signal over longer distances (at least 7 meters) and perhaps more importantly limiting interference from other devices. It also has an advantageous benefit in terms of product sizing as a smaller antenna can be integrated into the hearing instrument.

The introduction of wireless-enabled hearing instruments simultaneously allowed the release of the ReSound Unite wireless accessories. These are used across the Alera wireless-enabled products at all price points, and have been so successful that they have been continued into the updated ReSound Verso range. These accessories are now considered a family in their own right, and include the ReSound Unite Phone Clip, the ReSound Unite TV; the ReSound Unite Remote Control and the ReSound Unite Mini-Microphone.

Whether wireless enabled or not, the Alera 9 range offers a full line-up of technical features. ReSound like to bundle these into more user-friendly categories of ‘Speech understanding,’ ‘personalisation,’ ‘Surround Sound,’ ‘Protection’ and ‘flexible fitting.’ Some of the features within each of these areas are shared across all the other Alera price points, but if you want the absolute best from the Alera platform, paying for the 9 series will offer you a decent load of features only seen in Alera 9:

  • Environmental Optimiser II
  • Personalised noise reduction
  • Natural directionality II
  • Autoscope Directionality
  • Full version of NoiseTracker II & Windguard
Another very important introduction for ReSound with the Alera range came in the form of what ReSound calls the iSolate nano-technology. This innovative procedure uses a microscopic coating of patented particles that repel all forms of moisture - water and ear wax being the most important forms of moisture when it comes to hearing aids. While ReSound does not claim absolute water-proofing, there is no doubt that such protective technology will help to extend a product’s life.

Alera 9 boasts an impressive line-up of models, a new receiver-in-the-canal (RIE) was introduced with this range and besides the fairly standard behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models, the interesting remote-microphone concept was also further developed for Alera.


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