ReSound Be 7

ReSound Be 7

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.
Be by ReSound was the world’s first remote microphone hearing aid - a design still unique to ReSound. The product is available either in a one-size standard unit (referred to as IOT - Invisible Open Technology) or in a custom-made shell. The standard unit weighs around 1.1 grams including the battery.

Be by ReSound Custom/Custom Power increases the fitting range of the standard unit and provides for more consumers with moderate-severe hearing loss to be accommodated with a bigger receiver unit in the custom power option.

With the microphone being placed in the protected top section of the ear’s pinna, it set new standards for wind noise elimination. Many customers reported that there is virtually no wind noise amplification, a real relief particularly for users who had previously worn behind-the-ear units.

Besides the interesting physical design, the sound processing offers some successful tried and tested ReSound solutions. Noise reduction is taken care of by the NoiseTracker II system, whereby the frequency processing bands is analyzed 1000 times per second for presence of noise and speech. The band’s amplification is reduced to a pre-set level if noise is detected or left alone when there is speech.


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