ReSound Be 9

ReSound Be 9

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The first remote microphone product, Be by ReSound was developed to combine the best of BTE’s and the best of ITE devices into a single new form factor. The idea was to allow the microphone to be fitted outside the ear canal, to fit into the top of the helix portion of the pinna (at the top of the earlobe). The microphone then transmitted the sound via an encased wire to the rest of a tiny unit seated right in the ear canal.

When this new design was launched, there were strong arguments put forward that the helix is a natural collection point for sound, and therefore the best place for a hearing instrument microphone to capture sounds. ‘Be by ReSound’ therefore supposedly maintains more of the ear’s natural localization benefit vs. CIC’s due to microphone placement.

Apart from the unique design, there is a strong line up of sound processing features. 17 channels, noise reduction, digital feedback suppression and impulse noise smoother to name but a few.

Specific to the ReSound Be 9 is the ‘Environmental Optimiser.’ This classifies incoming sound into one of seven sound environments: quiet; soft speech, loud speech, soft speech in noise, loud speech in noise, soft noise, loud noise. Each of these different environments can have different amplification levels set to maximise listening comfort.

Be 9 is also available in a customised format, where the components in-the-ear can be housed in an individually-fitted shell.


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