ReSound Dot 30

ReSound Dot 30

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.
Dot by ReSound is really small - 1.38 grams. But, big enough for a powerful Surround Sound processor that aims to provide a rich, near-natural listening experience that puts the user back into the centre of their life.

All dot instruments have two microphones, which implies that directional features are available. However, only the dot 30 offers Natural Directionality when dot 30s are worn on each ear. This system aims to provides unrestricted inputs to the entire auditory system allowing the brain, and not the hearing instrument, to decide which signal is most important. The wearer can maintain full peripheral awareness of sound, while still focussing in on what they want to hear.

Dot 30 has the full number of fine tuning features available for those wearers who want the best possible performance in demanding listening situations. These include:

  • Environmental optimiser: Dot 30 can identify 7 distinct sound environments, and can offer different amplification levels for each if required.
  • NoiseTracker: Identifies unwanted background noise and uses ReSound‚Äôs proprietary spectral subtraction technology to reduce it without compromising speech understanding.
  • Echo-stop: Effective reduction of room reverberation and body sound reflections - Windrush Manager: Wind noise suppression, allowing for undisturbed and unhindered outdoor activities


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