ReSound Enya 3

Resound Enya 3

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.

A simple alternative to the LiNX2 hearing aid range

The Enya range from ReSound was first introduced in October 2015 to provide an affordable alternative to their acclaimed premium hearing aid series, the LiNX2. The Enya 3 sits in the middle of this particular collection. Unlike the Enya 4, it can't operate wirelessly, but it has retained a number of other excellent technical features, ordinarily found in the more advanced models.

So how does the Enya 3 measure up?

The Enya 3 is a fully automatic hearing aid, loaded with technical features that enable it to adapt to your listening environment and cut out unwanted feedback. It's designed for those with a mild to severe hearing loss and can operate efficiently in moderately difficult listening environments. There are a variety of styles and neutral colours to choose from. The biggest difference between this model and the more advanced Enya 4 is that it's not wireless. For those with just the one hearing aid, this shouldn't be a problem. If however, you wear two hearing aids and you want them to synchronise, you'll need to look at the more advanced model.

Key features:

  • Softswitching Program - enables your device to adjust automatically to your hearing environment. By doing so, listening remains comfortable and sound quality is maximised.
  • Adaptive Directionality - allows you to focus on the speech happening directly in front of you while background noise is diminished.
  • Noise Tracker 2 - constantly works to reduce background noise, so you can hear speech more clearly. It also balances out extreme sound levels, to making listening a more comfortable experience.
  • Eight Sound Processing Channels - means you can alter your hearing aid to suite your hearing needs. Some sound frequencies, ordinarily lost can be brought into range.
  • Four program options - allow you to pre-program your hearing aid to fit the different listening environments of your favourite places.
  • DFS Ultra 2 - is an Anti Feedback System designed to eradicate unwanted feedback such as whistling, without distorting other high frequency sounds.
  • Wind Guard Program - kfrees you from the painful listening experience of gusting wind interacting with your hearing aid. You can enjoy the great outdoors knowing that any wind noise will be eradicated.
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator - produces a variety of calming sounds to distract attention away from the symptoms of tinnitus. If you have access to a Phone Clip +, you can also use the ReSound Relief App, which provides an even greater range of sounds and relaxation exercises.
  • Water Repellent Nano Coating - provides a robust protective layer against wax, dust and moisture.

To summarise:

The Enya 3 is a middle of the range hearing aid that offers a variety of technical features to enhance your listening experience. If you're restricted by budget, you may wish to look at the Enya 2. For a wireless experience and slightly enhanced specification, you could try the Enya 4, the premium hearing aid in this range.


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