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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110

Signia 3.0 Receiver wire

Original price €44.99 - Original price €44.99
Original price
€44.99 - €44.99
Current price €44.99
Which Ear: Left
Size: 0
Power level: Standard S

Single receiver wire - from the 'Signia Earwear 3.0 portfolio'  

Choose for left or right ears, the length (0 is the shortest, 4 is the longest) and then the power level.

In order to work out what you need, please have a look at your existing 3.0 receiver wire - you will see a number and then a letter printed onto the silver end part. If you see a number and S - this is standard power. A number and 'M' is a medium power. A number and 'P' indicates the 'power.'    

Used on Signia Pure AX receiver in canal hearing aids. 

Unopened packs may be returned for exchange or refund if you have ordered the incorrect size or power level. This item is not refundable or exchangeable if opened/unsealed.

Signia 3.0 EarWear tips and 3.0 Sleeves (not included) are used on the 3.0 receiver wire. 

Please note: Signia produce a number of different receiver wires and tubings. If you are unsure about what to order, please send us a photo of your hearing aid and we are happy to help. Email