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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110

Signia Active - Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aid

Original price €699.00 - Original price €1,179.00
Original price
€699.00 - €1,179.00
Current price €699.00
Which Ear: Left
Colour: RoseGold/White

Don't want hearing aids that look like hearing aids?

The Signia Active is the perfect choice for anyone tempted to look at less conventional devices to improve their hearing. With their earbud appearance other people won’t even recognise them as hearing aids!

The Signia Active combines a user-friendly and comfortable design (similar to premium consumer audio products) with audiological high-tech. The Li-ion rechargeability in the pocket-sized Signia Active charger is environmentally friendly and the case can also charge whilst on the go. A fully charged Signia Active aid will keep going for 24 hours.  

The Signia Active incorporates the 'Made for iPhone' feature - allowing for direct audio streaming from iPhones. The Actives become your hands-free listening solution with tailored amplification that's just right for you.

The Signia Active can be paired to both the Streamline Mic and Streamline TV accessories. The Streamline Mic allows for Android mobile phone users to stream audio to the Actives but also operates as a handy remote microphone - sending sound from the person wearing the Streamline Mic from up to 20 metres away directly to your Actives. The Streamline TV connects up to your television and sends TV sound wirelessly to your Actives.  

Modern-looking, easy to use and fast to fit, these handy devices mark a whole new category of hearing solutions – for those with mild to moderate hearing loss who don’t want to wear traditional hearing aids, but want to enjoy hearing everything that’s important to them.

Key Features


Best suited for mild to moderate hearing losses – although do feel free to send us a copy of your hearing test results as more moderate-severe losses may be able to be accommodated. 

The Signia Active offers a host of sound processing features including:  

  • 16 sound processing channels
  • 4 listening programmes
  • Noise reduction
  • Advanced feedback management

Initial sound set up

If you have sent us your audiogram in advance; the Signia Active will be pre-programmed before dispatch with the start-up amplification profile based on your audiogram. If you do not have an audiogram; our default setting, suitable for a mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss is used to create the start-up profile.  

Unless otherwise discussed with our audiologists, the 4 listening programs will be set for: 

  1. Universal – general listening 
  2. Noisy environment 
  3. Music 
  4. Phone

Overall volume levels and listening programmes are changed via the free to download Signia App. Changes to treble and bass boosting can also be done through the App. The Signia App is compatible with Apple devices with the iOS version 12.0 and higher; and for most Android devices using Android 6.0 and higher.   You may wish to check your specific device on Signia's compatibility listing

The optional MiniPocket remote control can also be used adjust overall volume and change between listening programmes.

Direct audio streaming for Apple devices is available - set up via the Accessibility / Hearing Devices menu in your iPhone. If you wish to stream audio from an Android mobile, you will need to first pair the Active and mobile to the Streamline Mic accessory - available here

What's in the box

Please note the Minipocket remote control is not included as standard. As the Signia App is free to download, the remote control is an optional accessory. 

The Signia App is compatible with Apple devices with the iOS version 12.0 and higher; and for most Android devices using Android 6.0 and higher.   You may wish to check your specific device on Signia's compatibility listing. If the remote control is added your Signia Active order, we will pair the hearing aid to the remote control for you. Click here to view the remote control. 

Looks and size

The Signia Active is ready to wear on the spot thanks to its super-soft silicone sleeves that are available in a number of sizes.  A 'vented' dome in the small size will be attached to the product on arrival to show you how the dome is properly fitted. 

The Signia Active has three colour choices.  

How To Insert Signia Active Hearing Aids

How To take out Signia Active Hearing Aids

How to videos

How To Insert Signia Active Hearing Aids

How To take out Signia Active Hearing Aids

How to charge Signia Active Hearing Aids on the go

How to charge the Signia Active case

How to switch the Signia Active hearing aids on and off

How to exchange the Click Sleeve on the Signia Active hearing aid

Using wireless 'QI' charging

How to buy

Not sure about buying a hearing aid online? We keep the process straight-forward, and here's what happens:

Select which ear you wish to wear the hearing aid on (left / right / both); and the colour and add to basket. Check-out and purchase with Visa / Mastercard or PayPal (where there is a 'Pay-in-3' option for an interest-free 3 month split payment plan)

Your order will be posted directly to you for a 30 day home trial. Everything you need to try the aid for this period is included.

Many customers have a copy of their audiogram (hearing test result on a graph) and will email us a copy before ordering -

If the hearing aid is appropriate for the hearing loss, we use the audiogram results to program the initial settings of the hearing aid.  

Dont worry if an audiogram is not available; you can begin with our standard setting – geared to suit a mild to moderate, mainly high frequency hearing loss. This is the type of hearing loss we commonly see in those with age-related or noise-induced hearing losses.  

Another option is to complete the online hearing check, which, if completed as instructed, gives a reasonable estimate of someone’s middle and high frequency hearing:

If you wish for your online hearing check result to be used with your order you will need to let us know before or just after your order is placed.

Please talk to us if you need anything else regarding the set up further customised. We are real people, and would love to help provide the best possible starting point for you.

Once you've received the hearing aid it's a case of trying out the physical fit and the sound. If you need any adjustments, some can be done remotely if you've downloaded the Signia App – or we can reprogramme in house if the aid is posted back. Email or call us and we will help immediately or set up a time to discuss your requirements in more detail. If you choose to send the hearing aid back to us in the post for reprogramming we will extend your 30 day trial by a week to account for postage times. 

If the sound or physical fit of the product is not to your satisfaction, our 30 day money back guarantee is a no quibble policy.

Is the Signia Active - Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aid right for you?

Pros Cons
  • Rechargeable
  • Programmable to your audiogram & free remote fine-tuning for the life of the product
  • 30 day money back return if not suitable
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty
  • Controlled via smartphone App or remote control
  • Direct audio streaming for Apple devices ('Made for iPhone' feature)
  • Modern earbud style
  • Charging can be done on the go
  • Streaming from Android devices only via Streamline Mic
  • Changing wax guard a bit fiddly


What if it doesn't work for me?

If anything about the physical fitting or sound is not to your liking, you can return the Signia Active for a full refund within the first 30 days of receipt. Please do however feel free to contact us to see if the problem can be resolved with a remote fine tuning session arranged direct to your hearing aids via your Smartphone! Email 

Should I get one or two?

If an evaluation by a hearing professional indicates that you have hearing loss in both ears, and especially where the degree of loss is similar, two hearing aids are usually recommended.  While it may be tempting to try to limit the cost by going with a single hearing aid, wearing just one hearing aid may not give you maximum benefit in some difficult listening situations.

How much are the running costs of the Signia Active?

The following items will need to be replaced on the Signia Active: 
Click Sleeve dome:  replace the dome every 8 weeks on average (6 domes in a pack).
Wax guard: change the wax guard every 8 weeks on average (8 in a pack).

The charger is included in the 24 month warranty - however spare chargers are available to purchase separately if required

How do I control the Signia Active?

There are no user controls on the Signia Active; but the free Signia App will allow access to change between the 6 listening settings; overall volume within those settings if need be, as well as make a change in the bass/treble balance. 

For those who do not wish to use the App, a Signia minipocket remote control will need to be purchased. If purchased at the same time as the Signia Active hearing aid, we will pair the remote control with the hearing aid/s for you. 

How do I arrange a remote fine tuning?

Email or call our audiologists ( and they will arrange this directly with you. A unique code will be texted to you to allow changes to be loaded into your hearing aids via the Signia App. (Through the 'telecare' part of the Signia App).