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Signia PerfectDry Lux

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The PerfectDry Lux is an ideal solution for the maintenance and storage of all kinds of hearing aids. Its modern and sleek design combined with the best technology makes it exceptionally convenient to use.

Powered by USB/mains power, the drying cycle is only 30 minutes and once completed, the process is stopped automatically.

Can be used with behind-the-ear hearing aids using earmould or thin tubings; receiver in canal hearing aids or in-the-ear hearing aids. Any brand of hearing aid can be used in the PerfectDry Lux. 

PerfectDry Lux incorporates a microprocessor that optimally controls the both the dehumidifying and ultra-violet systems:

  • Dehumidification with hot air. Temperature is controlled by the electronic system in order to obtain a constant temperature of 45°C / 113 °F regardless of the ambient temperature so as not to damage the hearing aids.
  • The Ultra Violet (UV-C) system with short wavelengths and arrangement at 360° allows all surfaces of the hearing aid to be reached. 

Further technical details

360° UV-C Lamp: Shortwaves (253.7nm); Peripheral light 360° (2 Watts)

Low power connection: Power supply : 5Vdc; Max Power: 2.5W; Standby Power : < 0.02W

5V Power Adapter:  Input: 100-247 Vac - 50-60Hz; Output: 5Vdc

Dimensions: WxHxD: 92x47x72mm

Weight: 160g