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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110

Signia Streamline Mic

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€320.00 - €320.00
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The Signia StreamLine Mic transforms certain Signia hearing aids into hands-free mobile headsets and wireless headphones to stream stereo quality from any Bluetooth device.  The Signia Streamline Mic can also be used as a remote microphone for the best speech understanding in the most challenging listening situations. Simply attach the mic to the clothing of the person you wish to hear and it will stream the sound to your hearing aid/s from up to 20 metres away.

The Streamline Mic is compatible with the Signia Motion NX and Signia Xperience hearing aid ranges. If unsure of suitability for your Signia model, please do ask us before purchasing.

Once paired with the Signia hearing aid and your phone, you can accept phone calls without having to take the phone out of your pocket, you can stream the phone call into both of your hearing aids which significantly increases the quality of your conversation.

Using the Signia App, a free-to-download App, the StreamLine Mic can be remote controlled for maximum convenience.

The StreamLine Mic is powered by a rechargeable battery. It provides up to 6 hours battery runtime with full functionality, i.e. continuous streaming. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours. The StreamLine Mic is be charged via USB. The charging status is indicated via the different colours of the device’s power status indicator.

With which mobile devices is the StreamLine Mic compatible?
The StreamLine Mic enables direct connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled Android and Apple devices;  Bluetooth-enabled PCs, laptops and older phones.
For all these devices, the Bluetooth FW version should be 4.2 or higher.

Do I have to use the App to use the StreamLine Mic?
No, you do not necessarily need an app to use the StreamLine Mic. However, the Signia App can be used as a remote control to control the microphone volume.

Do I need a special programme on my hearing aids to use the StreamLine Mic?
No. You do not need to a special programme to use StreamLine Mic. It’s a very convenient plug-and-play solution. Pairing Streamline Mic to your hearing aids is easy, and can be done at home. Switch the hearing aids and the Streamline Mic off and back on again, sit the aids next to the Streamline Mic and wait 30 seconds while the pairing process completes.

How many Bluetooth devices can the Signia StreamLine Mic be paired with?
StreamLine Mic can be paired with a maximum of 8 Bluetooth devices. However only 1 Bluetooth source can be used actively at the same time. Pairing has to be done only once. StreamLine Mic connects to the first Bluetooth device within reach automatically. To switch to another device, the Bluetooth connection of the active device has to be disabled.



 The Signia Streamline Mic does not include the hearing aid. Please contact us before purchase if you need help confirming compatibility with your Signia hearing aid