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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110

Sueno Pro S - Tinnitus masker

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This product is not available to order on a next day delivery service. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

The Sueno Pro S is a compact and stylish behind-the-ear tinnitus therapy device.  Manufactured by Audifon, the Sueno Pro S was designed with user comfort in mind. 

An easy to use rocker-switch on the back allows volume and programme changes. 

NanoShield hydrophobic technology offers enhanced water repellence. 

Powered by a 312 Zinc Air battery which gives an average battery life of 120 hours. A low battery indicator, which alerts you (by beep sounds) when you need to replace the batteries. 

Three tinnitus masking programmes are included as standard:

  1. White noise 
  2. Pink Noise
  3. Waves (masking noise comes and goes like the sound of ocean waves)

The Sueno Pro S is programmable via software in our offices, so these settings can be adjusted to individual preferences. Please contact our audiologists before purchase if you wish anything to be adjusted on the programming. 

What's included in your box: 

  • 1 pack of 6, size 312 zinc air hearing aid batteries
  • Size 2 tubing for left or right (as per order) will be attached to the Sueno Pro S (size 2 is the medium size, and fits the vast majority of ears)
  • Size 1 tubing (slightly shorter tubing if required) 
  • A size 7mm open dome will be attached to the Size 2 tubing 
  • Tulip dome 
  • Cleaning wire (for cleaning the tubing)
  • Hard protective carry case 

Maintenance advice:

The manufacturer strongly recommends that the domes are replaced once every 6-10 weeks; and the tubing every 3-4 months (sooner of course if broken). 

Spare domes are here

Spare tubings are here

Batteries size 312 special offer

Cleaning wires are here 

The Sueno Pro S carries a 12 month manufacturer warranty


Sueno Pro S datasheet

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