Switel Vita TV-L2BT Wireless TV Listener


Switel Vita TV-L2BT wireless tv listener will help you enjoy the television you love all over again. Providing crisp, clear sound, the Switel Vita TV-L2BT means you can have the ultimate listening experience giving you the freedom to watch your favourite movie at a volume that suits you, safe in the knowledge that you won't be disturbing others. 

With tone control and a variety of settings to choose from, this handy headset provides a distortion-free sound with extra loud amplification of up to 110 dB. What's more, you can connect via Bluetooth to your iPod or mobile phone for easy access to music or to speak to a friend. The  Switel Vita TV-L2BT works within a 10-metre radius of the base unit and provides up to nine hours of battery life. Staying in touch is a joy rather than a challenge with this stylish new headset from Switel.

If you're after a premium, wireless TV listener that is lightweight and comfortable to wear, then the Vita TV-L2BT from Switel could be an excellent solution.

Key features:

  • Regulable and adjustable earphones
  • 110dB amplification
  • Tone enhancement
  • NFC for Easy Pairing
  • Bluetooth multipoint connection for Handsfree / TV / Music
  • Ambient amplification
  • Charging desk and direct charging for mobile use
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

Switel is internationally renowned for producing high-quality specialist telecommunications equipment for the hard of hearing and the elderly. The Swiss-based brand was originally launched in 2001 and continues to create innovative products that help to transform daily life for the better.


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