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HD 151 Digital Hearing AidSale
HD 151 Digital Hearing Aid
Entry-level in-the-ear hearing aid, with improved noise reduction
229,00€ per ear
HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid
Mid-range in-the-ear hearing aid, with enhanced speech clarity
439,00€ per ear
HD 230 Digital Hearing AidSale
HD 230 Digital Hearing Aid
Mid-range, ‘one size fits all’ adjustable in-the-ear hearing aid
279,00€ per ear
HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid
Comfortable open-fit design delivers a balanced, natural sound
329,00€ per ear
HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid
Entry-level, easiest-to-use in-the-ear hearing aid
165,00€ per ear
HDR 400 Rechargeable Digital Hearing AidSale
HDR 400 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid
Our premium, rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid
489,00€ per ear
HDR 200 Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid
A behind-the-ear hearing aid with a simple and robust design featuring plug and play rechargeability
329,00€ per ear
HD 500 Digital Hearing AidSale
HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid
Top of the range in-the-ear hearing aid with unique ‘open fit’ design
669,00€ per ear
HD 295 RIC Digital Hearing Aid
Receiver in ear technology - combining a discreet design with advanced sound processing
419,00€ per ear

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If you are concerned that your hearing aid will be visible when worn then these devices are what you're looking for. We have discreet hearing aids that are small, sleek, and fit neatly behind the ear as well as a range of in-the-ear hearing aids which fit snugly inside the ear canal. Our selection of discreet, high-quality hearing aids starts from as little as 229.00€.

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