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Need help? Call us on (+44)1 264 313 110

Oticon Eargrip - for Oticon Minifit receiver wires - pack of 5

Original price €12.99 - Original price €12.99
Original price
€12.99 - €12.99
Current price €12.99
Power level: For 60dB wire

Pack of 5 ear grips

Available in two sizes - to fit either 60dB or 85dB Oticon receiver wires. 

To work out which version you require, please inspect the end of your Oticon receiver wire. Oticon prints the length on one side - as in the example photo on this webpage showing a '2' - but on the other side of this will be either '85' or '60'.

This product listing does NOT include the receiver wire. The photo is used to show how the concha lock attaches. If you require a replacement wire as well, please click here for the 60dB wire and here for the 85dB one.