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Air Puffer In Blue

What Is It? Air puffer What Does It Do? Ideal for ensuring no moisture remains in the tubing o...
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Anti Feedback Sleeve

What Is It? What Does It Do? Improves comfort and fit Reduces whistling from feedback  

Audiclean Cleansing Ear Wash

What Is It? Ear cleansing wash (115ml spray) What Does It Do? Keeps ears refreshingly clean an...
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AudiSpray Adult

What Is It? It is a hypertonic seawater solution, which has been sterilized and carefully filter...
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Battery door for HD91 HD151 HD230

Spare / replacement battery door. Choose between left or right.  Suitable for HD91, HD151 or HD23...

Calmer by Flare Audio

Calmer, designed by Flare Audio, sits barely visible in the ear and uses revolutionary, non-elect...

Calmer NIGHT by Flare Audio

Calmer NIGHT was developed by Flare Audio following the success of Calmer. For night time comfort...

Calmer PRO by Flare Audio

Calmer PRO is the most advanced device in the Calmer range. Worn in the ear to minimise stressful...

Cedis Drying Capsules And Pot Kit for Hearing Aids

What is it? A pack of 4 capsules containing moisture absorbing silica crystals A drying plastic...

Cedis Drying Capsules for Hearing Aids

What is it? Pack of 4 capsules containing moisture absorbing silica crystals. How does it work...
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Cedis Drying Pot for Hearing Aids

What is it? Cedis branded container recommended for use with the Cedis drying capsules. How d...
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Cleaning Wire Pack of 5

What Is It? Flexible Wire with correct diameter to fit Hearing Aid thin tubes 5 Wires in each pa...
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