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Conversor Pro Elite Listening System

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The Conversor Pro is a high fidelity personal listening system. It can be used alongside hearing aids or in place of them to significantly improve hearing in background noise. If you struggle to hear speech when in company or places with background noise such as the car, workplace, restaurants or social settings (even when using hearing aids) then this is the perfect solution. Whilst being very simple to use it offers very clever technology to improve speech understanding.

How does it work?

The Conversor Pro comes in two parts a remote microphone used to pick up sound which wirelessly connects to the amplifying second unit which can be listened to though headphones or, using a neckloop, can connect to your hearing aids via the telecoil setting. The receiving unit offers a volume control and can sit on a table or hang around the neck when connected to your hearing aids or when using headphones.

Zoom Setting

This setting allows you to control the sound source you wish to focus on from a variety that may be being picked up by the microphone.

Omni-Directional Setting

This setting allows you to focus on sounds from many sources at close proximity, particularly useful in "round-table" situations such as in a restaurant or business meetings.

Background Noise Reduction

The Coversor Pro has a very strong background noise eliminator which cuts down background noise to the degree that you can focus on just that you want to hear.

Wireless Portability

Place the wireless microphone close to any sound source and listen from distance, ideal for meetings, conferences, social gatherings and dinner parties or simply to provide perfect sound for watching TV.

Use with one or more receivers for multiple access to same sound source

You can use multiple receivers all with their own personal volume and zoom settings which can be tuned to the same transmitter - perfect for multiple TV viewing or in any of the other social or business situations already described.



  • Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter
  • Conversor Pro pendant receiver
  • Power supply unit/charger
  • Neck lanyard for microphone/transmitter
  • Audio cable
  • TV cable
  • Convenient pocket carry pouch
  • User's manual